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Table notes - Family support services

Table notes

Table notes refers to footnotes relating to changes or breaks in time series reporting, and only where the break has affected the total number of children/instances being counted.

January 2018 — An additional Intensive Family Support service opened in Bundaberg in the Maryborough/Bundaberg catchment.

Impact on performance figures: Changed (increased) scope of enquiries received by, and referrals to, the department from Family and Child Connect, Intensive Family Support services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing services.

October 2017 — Eleven more Intensive Family Support services opened across nine catchments in Queensland. These catchments were Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Maryborough/Bundaberg, Rockhampton/Gladstone/Emerald, Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane South West and Moreton Bay.

April 2017 — The Mount Isa and Gulf Family and Child Connect and Intensive Family Support services commenced operation. The new family support services in this catchment have been integrated with new domestic and family violence services, providing wrap around services for vulnerable families impacted by domestic and family violence.

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